Naked Spock Beats Down the Borg in 'Star Trek Boldly Go' #4

The Borg are having a hard time bringing Spock into their hivemind, even when he’s totally naked. In the fourth issue of IDW’s comic book series Star Trek: Boldly Go, the half-human/half-Vulcan Starfleet officer proves yet again how formidable he is, both in and out of his uniform.

In the previous issue of Star Trek: Boldly Go, after capturing the crew of the USS Concord, the Borg decided to head to the planet Romulus to track down what they think is one of their missing ships, but it was really just Nero’s souped-up Romulan ship, the Narada, from the future of an alternate timeline. And because that ship used Borg technology, these Borg are more than a little confused.

But that’s not their biggest problem. Instead, it turns out Spock’s status as a hybrid makes it impossible for the Borg to assimilate him. And, by the time they realize it, it’s too late. Spock rips off one of those Borg-eye pieces and takes down a few drones while he’s totally in the buff.

To be clear, the comic doesn’t show any part of Spock that isn’t PG-13, but the art by Tony Shasteen clearly depicts Spock as totally naked during this altercation.

In the original series, Spock took his shirt off while being held captive by space Nazis in the episode “Patterns of Force.” But so far, there hasn’t been any canonical visage of Spock’s nude form.

Star Trek: Boldly Go #4 is out now.

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