Check Out the New Social Network for Superheroes and Villains

Arjun Arunkumar

With social media being such an important part of our society today, there’s no doubt that superheroes and supervillains would have their own social networking service to match them with jobs and connect them to superteams. With that in mind, graphic designer Arjun Arunkumar set out to design just that kind of service, something he calls: SuperIN.

SuperIN is a LinkedIn-style social media service mock-up that Arunkumar drafted up as a hobby project. While SuperIN’s basic function mirrors a lot of what LinkedIn does, namely allow users to build a career profile to match with jobs, there are some unique flourishes that make the fake social media service stand out.

First, SuperIN allows people to choose whether they are a hero or a villain (or “a bit of both”) during sign-in, which changes the design layout of their profile. It even gives the wavering anti-villain a chance to switch sides afterwards.

SuperIn Profile Interface

Arjun Arunkumar

Beyond that, SuperIN can let heroes or villains follow certain organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Green Lantern Corps. or stay connected with their network or superhero team.

SuperIn Groups

Arjun Arunkumar

The biggest draw of SuperIN is of course its jobs feature which will connect superheroes to hero jobs, or match henchmen with supervillains. There’s even an option to customize profiles with special icons which indicates your superpowers.

SuperIn Profile

Arjun Arunkumar

All in all, Arunkumar’s SuperIN social media network is a pretty robust platform that would sure to be a hit if either SuperIN or superheroes were real. Unfortunately, neither are, so until then we can always hope Arunkumar can get a job at LinkedIn and make that service a little cooler.


Arjun Arunkumar
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