This Map Shows Every State's Favorite Show on Netflix

Literally no one is surprised that Indiana's favorite is 'Parks and Recreation.'


If you’ve ever wondered what everyone else around you was watching on Netflix, now’s your chance to find out. Heads up, Oregon: Portlandia is the surprise winner.

The minds at HighSpeedInternet.com decided to take the top 75 TV shows on Netflix and cross-reference them with Google Trends data to find out which state preferred which show. What came out the other side was a map of the most-streamed Netflix shows by state. While some of the results are a bit unexpected, most hit the nail right on the head.

Florida’s fondness for Bloodline — the Florida-based drama series — is almost too perfect. The same goes for Kentucky and Wyoming’s preferences for zombie-themed content (The Walking Dead and iZombie, respectively), seeing as both fall pretty high on the list for the “most guns per capita”, so they’ll be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

As the map’s creators point out, some wonderful trends pop up upon viewing the map. Southerners prefer the drama and violence that comes with Scandal and Bloodline; Westerners love the crime in Narcos and Orange is the New Black; the Pacific coast likes to chill with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Portlandia (shockingly enough, Oregon loves Portlandia); and New England is a mish-mash of female-led dramas and comedies, such as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Shameless, New Girl, and Nurse Jackie.

Outliers include Wisconsin, which loves the Full House spinoff series, Fuller House, Idaho’s fondness for 2015’s hit series Stranger Things, and Kansas’s unexpected, heartwarming affair with Jane the Virgin.

If anything, this map just goes to show that, sometimes, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason — at least when it comes to TV.

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