Twitter Went Crazy With Funny, Out of Context Comic Panels

Marvel Comics

Comic writer Gail Simone may have made her name in comic books writing such books as Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl, but over the weekend she utilized her considerable Twitter presence to ask fans for their favorite, out-of-context panels in comic books. The results were weird to say the least.

Gail Simone has become a Twitter fixture. From sharing her experience as a comic writer, critiquing unfair practices she has witnessed in the industry, to just spreading the joys of comics, Simone’s Twitter account is a must-follow for fans of comic books.

Over the weekend Simone began asking fans to send her comic book panels that, without context, range from amusing to straight-up bizarre. Named #LackOfContextPanels, Simone began retweeting some of the best and worst the internet and comic books had to offer, and some of them really makes you wish you had at least a little context, because there’s no way these panels weren’t made on purpose.

Hardness, one of Superman’s most famous powers.

You do you Mandy.

Captain America: Civil War was wild.

This feels like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

But then again, what goes around comes around.

Captain America x Winter Soldier going strong.

Neither do we.

Pretty sure this has been canon since the beginning of Wonder Woman’s creation.

The jury is still out on this one.

How many boners can the Joker make?