'Pokémon Snap' Finally Hits Virtual Console

Strike a pose. 

Game Informer

All aboard the nostalgia train! Pokémon Snap is making its glorious return on January 5, this time on the Wii U Virtual Console. Players can return to the remote Pokémon Island once more to snap pics of the elusive critters. The classic game plays a bit like a rails shooter as you travel through a series of different habitats (Beach, Tunnel, Cave, Valley, etc.) in the hopes of capturing snapshots of different Pokémon. As your pictures improve, you’ll gain access to different parts of the island and obtain new items to aid you on your quest.

D'awww. What a ham. 


This release comes shortly after Pokémon Sun and Moon, which also featured a Pokémon Snap-lite feature. Snappable locations would appear on your mini-map, giving you the chance to take pictures of Pokémon and upload them to “social media” for criticism. It was a fun bit of fan service for long-time Pokéfans, but now we’re also being treated to the real deal.

You're getting sleepy. 


This Wii U version of Pokémon Snap is a direct port to Virtual Console, allowing you full access to the game so you can make your way to Rainbow Cloud once more to capture photos of the rarest Pokémon of them all. Virtual Console first appeared on the Nintendo Wii, and is Nintendo’s platform for restoring classic games on its older platforms, including NES, SNES, and Game Boy.

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