Ford's New Hybrid Electric Vehicle Lineup Includes Two Cop Cars


Ford announced a massive $4.5 billion investment in electric vehicles that will go towards 13 new cars during an event on Tuesday. CEO Mark Field only detailed seven of the new hybrids while speaking at the company’s Flat Rock factory in Michigan, but the new fleet includes electric versions of some old favorites — and some brand-new rides as well.

“Technology has advanced to the point where electrification makes cars and trucks better in many different ways. But it’s not just about fuel economy anymore,” Field said. “Now, imagine electrifying a pickup truck for even more capability. Or maybe A sports car, or even a police cruiser, for even more performance and more low-end torque.”

Ford, which already makes cop cars like the Interceptor, will manufacture two new pursuit-rated hybrid police cars. Field said that one of the cars will be built in Chicago, though both could be upfitted with their police gear at Ford’s police vehicle modification center, which is also located in the Windy City.

“We’re also announcing a hybrid version of our best-selling F-150 pickup,” Field said. “Now, of course, it will have increased capabilities. but what’s really cool, is that by electrifying it, it can double as a mobile generator, capable enough to power a work site.”

Fields also revealed an upcoming hybrid version of the Ford Mustang, which he said would make it “even more fun to drive.” Both the hybrid Mustang and F-150 are expected in 2020.

Meanwhile, Chevy is planning a cop car that is also a boat, for when global warming floods our cities. (Not really).

Getty Images / Jemal Countess

Other additions to Ford’s lineup include a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid coming to Europe in 2019, and two new vehicles that “are even more exciting, because they’re all new, and they’re nothing like anything that we have on the road today,” Field said.

The first is a fully electric small SUV with an estimated range of at least 300 miles. It’s slotted for a 2020 release date. The second is a high-volume autonomous vehicle designed for commercial ride-hailing or ride sharing. Field said the autonomous car has “no steering wheel, gas, or brake pedal.” Expect that in 2021.

“The era of the electric vehicle is dawning, and we at Ford plan to be a leader in this exciting future,” Field said.

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