Watch the World's First Mech Dance Around a Lab

Vitaly Bulgarov/Facebook

Method-2, the world’s first mech, is something to behold. After it was unveiled late last month, the internet has been abuzz with uses for Hankook Mirae Technology’s creation. Just days after the reveal, designer Vitaly Bulgarov uploaded a new video on Saturday of the machine doing a merry jig in the South Korean firm’s lab.

Sure, today it’s dancing, but one day it could be used for a whole number of applications. Yang Jin-ho, the brains behind the project, made it simply because mechs are awesome. Which they are! But at a cost of 242 billion won (around $200 million), it’s probably best to come up with a real-world application at some point.

It’s a beast: the machine stands 13 feet high, weighs over 1.5 tons, and each arm weighs nearly 200 pounds. Bulgarov has worked on the designs of films like Terminator and Transformers, and those influences are on display in Yang’s creation.

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There are plenty of changes that still need to be made before the bot is production-ready. For starters, it’s still tethered to a power source. As the team conducts more experiments, it may become clearer what the best uses for the bot are, meaning the team can focus on making the improvements that are going to best benefit the bot’s use cases.

“We’re currently revising the frame to reduce the vibration,” Bulgarov said in the video’s description.

Watch the video of Method-2 making some of its first steps here:

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