Beloved Artist Ships Harley and Deadpool, Who Dominated 2016

Ian Navarro

Imagine if Deadpool and Harley Quinn went on a date and shared a milkshake? Would Deadpool’s fear of clowns get in the way? Well don’t imagine anymore, because artist Ian Navarro drew the scene, complete with Joker’s jealousy, and the result is pretty great.

2016 might have had films like Captain America: Civil War, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the two biggest heroes to come out of the year were arguably Deadpool, and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Ian Navarro did right by the two by drawing a fanart that shows the two winners celebrating their big year on a little date.

While both Deadpool and Suicide Squad were two of the year’s highest-grossing superhero films, that doesn’t mean the star of the two films can’t have a little R&R, especially since this writer believes that a Deadpool and Harley Quinn romance is actually a pretty great idea, competing comic book universes be damned. Especially if they both give Joker the finger like they are seen here.

Deadpool and Harley Quinn

Ian Navarro

While there’s no way an actual crossover like this can happen outside of fanmade media, Deadpool and Harley Quinn make a lot of sense. Both of them are so insane to the point of being able to break the fourth wall, Deadpool is an infinitely more generous lover, as evidenced by his actions in the 2016 film, and Harley Quinn would probably find his burn scars charming, in a “survived literal hellfire and I’m still a cool dude” kind of way.

Plus, Deadpool could certainly take the Joker on in a fight, only because he wouldn’t be susceptible to all the mind games the Joker lays out for Batman, and also because Deadpool is pretty much immortal and can probably withstand all of Joker’s human weapons.

Ian Navarro’s DeviantArt page hosts a variety of other works from the artist, showcasing both original artwork as well as fan art of both Marvel and DC characters, so check it out.

Visit the artist’s page here.

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