Why You Should Get a Nintendo Switch Instead of a Wii U

It's honestly better to wait. 


The Nintendo Wii U is an excellent console despite starting off with a clouded premise that the gaming community had a tough time figuring out. It may have taken a little too long for the Wii U to develop into the platform Nintendo originally intended, because as of now they’ve made the decision to cut production meaning that you’ve got an opportunity to snag one for a much lower price as they clear the way for the newly announced Nintendo Switch.

But just because there’s a lower price tag, it doesn’t mean the Nintendo Wii U is immediately the better option. Here’s a few reason you might want to wait for the Nintendo Switch.

Mobile Gaming

One of the biggest advantages offered by the Nintendo Switch lies right in the name of the console: the ability to be used at home like a console, and simply picked up off the dock to also be used like a handheld device. Imagine playing Final Fantasy XV on your PlayStation 4, but you’ve got to head to work on an hour-long bus ride. Essentially, the Switch would simply allow you to pick up the tablet from the dock without interrupting the game, and bring it with you to play. Then, when you got back home, you’d just toss the tablet back in the dock and then continue playing on your television as you would a normal console. If Nintendo can pull this off with games usually limited to a home console or PC with decent performance, it could mean a portable versions of Dark Souls titles, Final Fantasy titles and more — and that’s a game changer.

Nicholas Bashore

Third Party Support

Portability is obviously the main aim of Nintendo when it comes to the Switch, which is a great direction provided the new system can deliver a mobile platform capable of playing the best third-party titles offered by the industry. Unlike the Wii U, the Switch has a much longer list of developers who are working on bringing titles to the system including Capcom, Square Enix, Bethesda, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft. While we’re not quite sure what these projects are just yet, the initial list is promising when compared to the Wii U and well worth the wait if you’re looking for a system capable of handling everything the gaming industry has to offer instead of just first-party Nintendo projects.


Better Hardware and Performance

When the Wii U first shipped a year ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4, the internal hardware wasn’t designed to handle more impressive visual performance. Sure, it was the first Nintendo console capable of supporting High Definition visuals, but it consistently fell behind the system performance of both competitors’ consoles — leaving it at a distinct disadvantage when it came to providing entertainment for core gamers in the living room. Instead of opting to follow the same path as the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch appears more focused on providing a unique hybrid experience between portability and performance, which has always done will for the company (and consumers) in the past. Just like Nintendo’s massively successful New Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo Switch is aiming to capture great games from all parties and bring them to a portable experience that gamers from all backgrounds can enjoy.

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