'Judge Dredd' / 'My Little Pony' Comic Likely Someone's Fetish

Katie Cook

Reaffirming that this is a judgement-free zone, the chances are high that IDW’s My Little Pony and Judge Dredd crossover comic is already being a thing on the internet.

IDW is gearing up a month of “What if” comics which will see their popular comic franchises like G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters, and X-Files in one-shot tales that will tell alternate-reality stories. For example, the X-Files “What if” asks what would the story look like if Mulder was abducted as a child, or if Cobra Commander defeated the G.I. Joes.

Funny enough, the My Little Pony “What if” story doesn’t actually feature a crossover between the ponies and Judge Dredd, and instead wonders if Prince Blueblood becomes Celestia’s star pupil, instead of Twilight Sparkle. So for those of you expecting a story where the ponies gear up and enforce the neo-fascist regime of the Judge Dredd universe better look elsewhere.

My Little Pony/Judge Dredd Variant COver

Katie Cook

A cursory search on Google Images confirms that the Judge Dredd/My Little Pony fandom is alive and well, with plenty of drawings of ponies in Dredd outfits, or, in one case, Judge Dredd himself as a pony:

Judge Dredd Pony by moabite


If you’re a little surprised by the crossover appeal of these two fandoms, then this has become a valuable lesson in internet 101; as long as fans are passionate, the wildest fandom crossovers of your dreams are possible.

Unfortunately, it might be awhile before anyone sees an actual My Little Pony/Judge Dredd crossover comic. It’s not really clear how exactly that story could ever work, even in a “What if” scenario.

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