These British Dudes Sent a Meat Pie Into Space for Science

BBC News

Scientists study space in an attempt to answer some of the most important questions for us as a species. Where did we come from? How do we ensure the continued survival of our species and planet? Are we alone in the universe? And, most importantly, what happens if you send a dang ol’ tasty meat pie up into space?

Some British blokes in Roby Mill, Wigan, attached a meat and potato pie and a camera to a weather balloon and let the meal soar 100,000 feet into the air. The endeavor was prompted by the imminent start of the World Pie Eating Championship next month.

“This is the first step to enable mankind to consume pies with more elegance and comfort,” said Bill Kenyon of the fine food outlet Ultimate Purveyors, who baked the Neil Armstrong of pies.

“Neither the sky, nor the pie, should be the limit,” Kenyon said, according to BBC News. Tongue firmly in cheek, he added that the pie’s structural integrity would be “tested to the extreme.”

The Sheffield-based balloon launch company SentIntoSpace was tasked with the important job of getting the pie to go where no pie has gone before — it’s believed to be the first pie to touch the heavens.

The pie, one assumes, got fuckin’ wrecked when it crash landed back on Earth.

The World Pie Eating Championships are going to go down at Harry’s Bar, Wallgate Wigan, on December 20. Somehow, this pie in the sky experiment is going to help the competitors out, or something.

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