Relax By Captain America's Fireplace This Holiday Season


Every year, young people gather in their living rooms with hot cocoa, some popcorn, good friends, maybe a few beers, and snuggle close to one another in front of a TV with a stream of a fireplace in 4K. But what if, this year, you could snuggle up by a TV streaming the 4K fireplace of a Marvel superhero? Marvel recently uploaded several 4K fireplace videos themed after specific heroes, on their YouTube channel.

Presented in 4K in little, crafted sets reminiscent of stop-motion animation, or something from Wes Anderson, Marvel’s line-up of fireplace videos include the living rooms of Thor, Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, replete with wonderful little details.

For example, Iron Man’s fireplace is located in his hyper-modern living room, complete with portraits of himself, while Ms. Marvel’s living room is of her simple New Jersey home, with only her costume draped over her family’s sofa.

Each video is about an hour long, and there are two versions, one of the full living room, and another of a close-up of the fireplace. While the videos don’t vary much aside from their setting, there are some small details and Easter Eggs Marvel might have snuck in, like the mysterious green light that flashes across Thor’s living room at around the 40 minute mark.

Personally, it’s the attention to details that really makes these videos shine. Not only is the fireplace sound effect crackling, but each living room is totally suited for their character, from Captain America’s understated Brooklyn fireplace with retro radio music, to the Guardians’s outer-space living room with dancing Baby Groot and rocking holiday music.

The full playlist of Marvel Fireplace videos can be found here on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

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