Eletrunks’ Adjustable Swimwear Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

Gain comfort at the expense of modesty.


Swimshorts aren’t exactly an area that’s seen big changes over the years, but one company is hoping to re-adjust the market with a new package of products. Eletrunks use a unique strap mechanism on the front for elevating the wearer’s genitals from outside the garment without any awkward fiddling. The “Lifter” is a string that runs from the elastic waistband down to the base of the front pouch, enabling a simple tug to shift position. Their design solves a common issue with swimwear, but you will, uh, definitely stand out.

“In the future, we will incorporate the patent pending Lifter pouch into every variation of style. Long leg boxer and brief cuts are on the way. I also want to venture into riding specific shorts with padding for those long journeys,” founder Michael Walker said in a story published Monday. “Given the fact that Eletrunks are great for every situation, we aim to have athletes and the everyday man wearing this underwear, and that’s our mission, to elevate your lifestyle.”

It’s not just those with penises that may benefit. Walker said he’s “taking ideas” for a bra version.

Many advancements in clothing technology have focused on bringing some sort of smart functionality to everyday wear. Last month, a team at the University of Central Florida revealed a new set of solar panels capable of being incorporated into clothing, while Nike’s [self-lacing shoes](( brought Back to the Future-style functionality to everyday footwear.

Eletrunks shows there’s still innovations possible with everyday fabric, though, solving an age-old issue in a unique way. The trunks come in a variety of colors, like Ron BurgUndie, Gray(s)Kale, and “The Tuxedo” (black and white). They come in single pairs for $28, a three pack for $75.60, or a six pack for $147.84.

Thankfully, Walker is aware of how interesting the shorts look. “I haven’t stopped laughing since its inception,” he said. Still, at least you’ll be comfortable while everyone around you is perhaps slightly uncomfortable.