This is How 'Deep Space Nine' Celebrates Christmas

The crew of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine might not have a tree, mistletoe, or even eggnog-flavored Raktajino, but there is one way they do like to celebrate the holidays: They sing about themselves.

YouTuber John C. Worsley created a music video tribute to Deep Space Nine, loosely set to Paul McCartney’s love-it-or-hate-it holiday tune “Wonderful Christmas Time.” It’s in the style of James Covenant’s 2013 video “Make It So,” which used footage from The Next Generation. The music video shows the crew of the space station Deep Space 9 singing a tribute to, well, their own ship. Sisko’s kind of stern, Kira’s inquisitive, and Worf sounds like he should be onstage at “A Klingon Christmas Carol,” which is a real production happening in Chicago and Milwaukee this year.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays without Deep Space Nine’s most pliable Christmas icon: Odo. That, or maybe his name just gets yelled out a lot.

Even though the Star Trek universe is largely devoid of religion, Christmas has been included in the franchise before. For example, in Star Trek Generations, Picard’s dream world inside the Nexus is celebrating Christmas at home with family. And, of course, we have seen characters exchange gifts before, though it’s typically for birthdays instead of Christmas.

So there you have it, a Star Trek Christmas carol. QISmaS botlvjaj! That means Merry Christmas in Klingon … or death to your enemies. Probably both.

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