The Best Fan-Made Skins for 'Overwatch' Characters 

Here's hoping Blizzard is listening.

Blizzard Entertainment

Say what you will about Overwatch, but regardless of how you feel about Blizzard’s 2016 shooter, there’s no doubting the dedication and passion of the game’s fans. The Overwatch community has become massive with the game accumulating over 20 million players. They’ve helped newcomers learn the basics of the game, provided numerous events for the competitive scene to grow with, and more importantly, they’ve spent time building up a series of possible skins for our favorite heroes.

Some are excellent, some are interesting mashups, and some are, well, just downright … out there. But no matter which you prefer, there’s something for everyone to dream about unlocking. Here’s some of our favorite fan-created skins.

Emily Chen

Basketball Zenyatta by Somanychens

So far as we know, basketball isn’t a pastime Zenyatta actively participates in between matches of Overwatch. But, one day he might, and my dream of hearing Zenyatta peacefully speak the words “Do I dunk? Does a basketball dribble?” can become a reality.

Andrew Tran

Greaser: 76 by Doctaword

Soldier: 76 may be the go-to character for new players just stepping into Overwatch, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good at the competitive level. Unfortunately, there’s few skins that really make this old soldier stick out from his compatriots — until Doctaword crafted him this legendary 1950s look worthy of any greaser’s respect.


Caster Zenyatta by Taux

Halloween may be over in Overwatch, but Zenyatta could still rock this amazing wizard costume created by Taux regardless of the time of year. With a neatly trimmed beard, his usual wisdom, and a fresh set of fireballs, this skin would be a worthy addition to his current collection.


Scuba D.Va by Geddu

Even though sea creatures don’t really have a place in Overwatch, this D.Va skin from Geddu may just change Blizzard’s mind. With a mech designed to resemble the shark from Jaws and a scuba suit complete with mask, it’s hard to turn down this unique look at D.Va’s character.


Paladin Lúcio by Wraeclast

Lúcio may have a difficult time maneuvering around the battlefield covered in a full suit of medieval armor, but that doesn’t take away from how beautiful Wraeclast’s take on the DJ character looks in this concept image. I’m not sure how it would play with his character, but I’d definitely pick it up from a loot box.


Templar Sentinel Genji by WingedWilly

As he currently stands, Genji doesn’t have many good-looking skins outside of the new Oni one added through Heroes of the Storm. This Nepal-inspired skin from WingedWilly could easily fix that though, with a great blue color pallet and replacement blades.


Vintage Tank Zarya by Lothrean

Zarya is a mobile tank in Overwatch, but not just because of her in-game role. She’s strong, massive and powerful which is clearly what Lothrean aimed to embody with this power armor-looking skin inspired by older Russian tank designs.


Skeletor Reaper by FonteArt

Sometimes you have to wonder if Blizzard created characters for the sole purpose of being modified by Overwatch fans, as is the case with Reaper. Despite the numerous fan-skins created for our favorite shotgun-wielding hero, nothing comes to close to topping this Masters of the Universe Skeletor skin from FonteArt.


Metal Gear Bastion by ACID35

While we’re fairly certain Konami would never let Blizzard borrow designs from the Metal Gear franchise, this look for Bastion is an excellent twist on the character with a sleek, slim build and much larger turret for mowing down the opposition.


Monster Hunter McCree by Red-Sinistra

Occasionally a skin pops up in the Overwatch community that is a match made in heaven, as is such with MeCree and this Van Helsing-inspired monster hunter skin from Red-Sinistra. Complete with a voice line for his ultimate ability and a belt lined with stakes, this is one we hope to see next year for the Halloween event.

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