Thor Has Trippy, Disturbing Nightmares About His Hammer

Marvel Comics

Thor is now unworthy, and his post-superhero life has been riddled with booze and self-loathing. As it turns out though, he’s also been having some pretty trippy nightmares, and it all comes to a head in the second issue of Marvel’s Unworthy Thor.

One day, Nick Fury whispered something into Thor’s ear, and he was no longer Thor. Unable to wield his hammer, Mjolnir, Thor resigned himself to a wayward life of exile, booze, magical goats, and getting into brawls with orcs. All the while Jane Foster is on Earth having the time of her life being Thor, kissing dudes and kicking ass.

But now Thor is on the path to redemption, and after being told by Beta Ray Bill that there is another Thor hammer somewhere in the universe, the Odinson is determined to get his hands on it. Unfortunately for him, so is the Collector, who promptly captures Odinson and leaves him to deal with some pretty heavy nightmares.


Olivier Coipel

It seems as though not having the ability to wield his hammer is giving Odinson some serious identity issues.

"Gods help us."

Olivier Coipel

The Collector as it turns out really wants a magic hammer in his collection and he’s willing to torture Thor to get what he wants. Even threatening a young alien child if Thor doesn’t reveal the “secret” to picking up the hammer without dying. Unfortunately for the Collector, he just doesn’t seem to understand that you have to be worthy.

"The storm rages"

Olivier Coipel

It seems that deep down, Thor is still worthy of the hammer.


Olivier Coipel

Unfortunately for Thor, the collector isn’t going to make it easy for him to just simply become worthy again. As the conclusion leaves Thor still without a hammer, there are more mysteries that are coming out of The Unworthy Thor, like why is Thanos also somehow involved with Thor’s story.

The Unworthy Thor #2 is out now in comic book stores and digital retailers.

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