10 Reasons Chris Pratt Deserves All the Hollywood Hype

Andy Dwyer's all grown up and doing good in the world.

Getty Images / Eduardo Parra

Chris Pratt’s been exceptionally busy for the past couple years. Between the upcoming Passengers film, the Magnificent Seven remake, Jurassic World, and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation has become a Hollywood action megastar. But, if Pratt’s social media accounts are to be believed, the fame hasn’t gone to his head.

Pratt is the perfect leading man: funny, likable, tall, and handsome with his pretty blue eyes and an infectious laugh. He looks great in a suit or at the helm of a spaceship. And between his physical prowess, his outwardly easy going attitude, his great sense of humor, and his picture-perfect family, Pratt has officially taken Hollywood by storm and captured the hearts of millions of adoring fans.

The press tour for Passengers has had Pratt especially active on Twitter and Instagram lately — he keeps cropping co-star Jennifer Lawrence out of photos as a running joke, much to the collective mirth of the internet. So, due to Pratt’s not-so-recent popularity, we thought we’d gather up some Pratt-centric social media posts and share in the love. Here’s 10 reasons why Chris Pratt deserves all the love he gets.

10. He has nothing but love for his co-stars.

9. He’s the perfect lovable dumbass both on and off screen.

8. The people who work for him are treated so well.

7. And he uses his powers for good.

6. Seriously, we don’t deserve him.

5. He’s genuinely funny.

4. Plus, he’s, like, kind of attractive, right?

3. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are total #CoupleGoals.

2. And their son, Jack, is the definition of precious.

1. Overall: Chris Pratt is weird, quirky, and real as hell. Thanks for being you, Chris.

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