'Rogue One' Fixed a Stormtrooper Helmet Design Flaw


Imperial stormtroopers can finally breathe properly in their helmets. Thanks to Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards and Concept Artist Doug Chiang, stormtrooper helmets are now almost as functional in our world as they are in a galaxy far, far away.

“We’ve redesigned the stormtroopers helmets to have actual vents rather than the painted-on slots like in Episode IV,” Rogue One Concept Artist Doug Chiang told People Magazine, and emphasized his desire to blur the lines between the real and the world of Star Wars. “We wanted to realize the world in an even more realistic fashion.”

This doesn’t mean the classic stormtrooper’s helmets will look any different then they did in A New Hope. Instead, they will simply allow a degree of functionality never before afforded from these costumes. Mark Hamill even told Inverse last month that his own helmet from A New Hope was shoddily made and that replicas since then have been better.


But now, Rogue One is taking things beyond than better-made fan armor or offical prop-replica helmets. Now, the stormtroopers in Star Wars are becoming more lifelike. If stormtroopers can now breathe easier in their helmets, can lightsabers be far behind?

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