Maeve Almost Realizes Her Dream in the ‘Westworld’ Finale

Did she stay or did she go in the Season 1 finale?


Maeve tried so hard all season long to transcend her code and earn her independence, but as we learn at the end of the first season of Westworld, her awakening may have simply been programmed by Dr. Robert Ford all along.

Just as Maeve and her rebellious robot recruits — including Hector, Armistice, and Clementine — ask a resurrected Bernard to spring them from the claustrophobic confines of Westworld, the one-time head of programming gives her some not-so-fortunate news.

“Someone altered your storyline and gave you a new one: ‘Escape,’” Bernard tells her, trailing off as he explains that she’s supposed to make her big fateful escape by way of the Westworld train. “I’m leaving. I’m in control,” she fires back. And for a minute, it seems like she is in control. Hector and Armistice take care of the Westworld security guards and are left behind while Felix reluctantly leads Maeve to the park’s main elevator to even more reluctantly see her off.

Maeve makes the biggest decision of her life. 


“Oh, Felix. You really do make a terrible human being, and I mean that as a compliment,” she tells him, with her patented programmed wit, before she begins to strut off to freedom. But that’s as far as she gets; Maeve glimpses a mother and daughter sitting across from her and decides to leave to try and find her daughter.

In the earlier scene in the elevator, Felix had given her a note of the exact coordinates of where to find her in the park: Park 1, Sector 15, Zone 3. Somehow, the humanity she’s been programmed to feel wins out and she hurries back to save her daughter. Of course, there’s a solid chance that the decision was predetermined by Ford’s programming; after all, she never did get out of the park.

See you in Season 2, Maeve!

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