Jean Grey and the Phoenix Return in Brand New X-Men Comic

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Everyone’s favorite apocalypse level psychic is getting her first solo comic in the spring of 2017, when a brand-new Jean Grey comic debuts as part of Marvel’s “ResurrXion” series. With the mutants coming back in a big way, it’s only fitting to see Jean Grey with her first-ever series, given that she is going to lead a whole X-Men team come spring. Series writer Dennis Hopeless gave Newsarama a brief preview.

Despite being one of the first mutants in the Marvel comics, Jean has yet to lead her own book. Now she’s going to be the leader of two comics, and there’s no better time to explore one of the Marvel Universe’s most important characters.

“It’s a sort of trials of Hercules story[,]” says Hopeless. “Shes told the Phoenix is back in play and that the Earth is doomed unless Jean Grey can step up,” Hopeless explained, “Unfortunately, the Jean Grey we have is a wildly unprepared teenager.”

Jean Grey #1

Victor Ibanez

Hopeless previously wrote Jean Grey in his graphic novel, X-Men: Season 1 which followed the first year of the X-Men. His new series will similarly focus on a teenage Jean Grey, only she is now in the present timeline in a drastically altered Marvel Universe.

Hopefully she can also avoid the fate of her predecessor, who was able to contain the Phoenix at the cost of her life. The younger Jean Grey will have to work exceptionally hard to avoid that future, but as the lost-in-time mutants have proven so far, they have been exceptionally good at diverging from the lives of their future incarnations.

Hopeless also reveals that while Jean Grey will focus solely on the title character, members of her X-Men Blue team will also make appearances, making her book another that will feature the time-travelling, original X-Men lineup.

Jean Grey hits comic book retailers Spring 2017.

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