Neil deGrasse Tyson Shares His Love Songs Album Cover

But can he sing? Probably.

Getty Images / JP Yim

Neil deGrasse Tyson dug deep into his Twitter archives today, and envisioned a career where he wasn’t a renowned, but by some accounts overrated, astrophysicist and science advocate, but instead a singer of tender love ballads.

Tyson tweeted out a picture of himself while filming the Cosmos reboot back in 2014. He’s wearing a light blue shirt and leaning luxuriantly against a limestone pillar at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, Italy, a romantic city in a romantic country. He seems to be courting us with his eyes, which are sad, contemplative, and perhaps inviting. Or maybe a little dead inside. We’re not sure.

“If I had any singing talent and if I knew how to write love songs and if I recorded them, then this would be my album cover,” Tyson tweeted.

The problem is, he already made that joke, back when the picture was originally taken. Sure, it’s still kinda funny, but Tyson my man, don’t recycle your own content!

Here’s the original tweet, and the seductive imagery.

Tyson claims he can’t sing, but perhaps he’s considering a career change. Ever since Donald Trump got elected, he’s been tweeting some pretty weird stuff. At first, he just wanted to send Trump into space, now he wants to grab his crotch and discuss science with him. Tyson is currently director of the Hayden Planetarium at New York’s Museum of Natural History, but it’s also possible that he’s a prisoner of his own celebrity, forced to keep saying stuff just to keep his brand alive. That would certainly explain whatever the hell this was.

Get some rest, Neil. You can write love songs in the morning.