The Animus in 'Assassin's Creed' is Not a Consensual Process

Callum Lynch is looking more and more like he really doesn’t want anything to do with what’s happening in Assassin’s Creed,. The latest clip from the film shows Michael Fassbender’s character being physically forced into the latest iteration of the Animus. It’s no surprise, considering they faked Callum’s death and kidnapped him.

The first official clip from Assassin’s Creed shows Callum being locked into the Animus with a spinal attachment as a seemingly regretful Marion Cotillard looks on, apologizing for forcing him into this situation. She and the rest of her Abstergo buddies need to get at whatever’s inside Callum’s genetic memories, and based on the clip, it looks like they weren’t able to get it willingly.

This is different from Desmond Miles’s ventures into the Animus in the first Assassin’s Creed game. While Desmond was a prisoner of Abstergo, he voluntarily went into the Animus because he assumed it was the only way he would be safe. Then again, there are plenty of other differences between Desmond’s journey and Callum’s, mainly how the Animus is portrayed between the two stories. The film version is much more active, with Callum physically performing the feats of his ancestor Aguilar de Nerha as opposed to just lying in a bed.

One of the constants between the two series is the appearance of a helper on the inside. Dr. Sophia Rikkin, much like Lucy from the original games, seems to be sympathetic to his plight. Does this mean she’ll betray the organization and help Callum escape at some point during the film? Although that didn’t really work out for Lucy, since she was essentially a triple agent the entire time.

The clip ends with Callum being “synchronized” and entering the Animus, promising lots of midday jumping across city rooftops and giant dives from tall buildings. It’ll be interesting to see how all of that is portrayed in the living Animus, especially the more mundane or uncomfortable moments. What about when Aguilar romances a significant other, or needs to go to the bathroom? Those would be awkward Animus moments to walk in on.

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