Cards Against Humanity Live-Streams a Massive "Hole Hole"

The company promises to keep digging as long as you keep donating.

Cards Against Humanity

As shoppers were descending upon stores to snatch up Black Friday deals, the people behind popular card game Cards Against Humanity were busy digging a giant hole in the ground, for no other reason than because they can. The company promised to keep digging as long as donations keep coming in.

“The holidays are here, and everything in America is going really well. To celebrate Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity is digging a tremendous hole in the earth,” the company announced.

So far, the digging has raised more than $98,000, and the current timer is counting down … unless another slew of donations comes in.

According to the site, each dollar donated extends the dig time by about 0.4 seconds, and the company has been digging since around noon Central time on Friday, November 25.

When asked how patrons should feel about the hole, the Cards Against Humanity replied, “You’re supposed to think it’s funny. You might not get it for awhile, but some time next year you’ll chuckle quietly to yourself and remember all this business about the hole.”

Enticing people to throw their money away for no reason has become somewhat of a tradition for the game maker, whose top product is a “party game for terrible people.”

This is not the first year the company has featured a ridiculous Black Friday deal. Last year it asked patrons to send in $5 in exchange for absolutely nothing in return. The Cards Against Humanity Staff then split the profits, which were reported to be upwards of $71,145.

The digging process is being broadcast for donors and curious people to watch. Viewers decided to make the experience a bit more fun by providing commentary and rating each scoop of dirt removed.

Inquiring minds on Twitter also wanted to know if the project would spur any sort of hole-themed expansion pack.

When asked if the digging efforts were harmful to the environment, the company’s website says it’s not. “No, this was just a bunch of empty land. Now there’s a hole there. That’s life.”

And just how deep will they dig? “Great question. As long as you keep spending, we’ll keep digging. We’ll find out together how deep this thing goes,” the company’s website said.

No one can say just how long the company will keep digging, but until the money runs out, you can watch the team expand the “Holiday Hole” in real-time below.

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