20 Sexiset Songs to Help You Woo Someone in Cuffing Season

'Tis the season.


Now that the planet has decided to remember what season we’re in, it is finally starting to get cold outside. With the cold, frigid temperatures comes everybody’s favorite time of the year: cuffing season. After an elongated season of being a thot and playing the field, we can finally lay up with one significant other for the next six or seven months before it gets warm again. As people begin to make their choices on who will become their bae for the foreseeable future, you have to make sure you do something to set yourself apart from the competition.

While some people settle for the Netflix & Chill life, it’s becoming an old tactic and we are losing the passion and the love that led to us being born in the first place. In order to be the #1 draft in this year’s cuffing season, you are going to have to display a knowledge of soulful, lustful, sex-filled music in order to get the job done. If you’re worried because all you listen to is hard trap music and Taylor Swift, do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Troop — “All I Do is Think of You”

Originally a Jackson 5 song, Troop covered the song in the late 80’s. It resurfaced again in the early 2000’s when B5 covered the song as well. It remains a classic childhood love song.

2. Jodeci — “Come and Talk to Me”

If only there was a record of how many children were conceived to a Jodeci song. The numbers would probably be astronomical.

3. R. Kelly — “Bump N’ Grind”

“My mind’s telling me no, but my body / My body’s telling me yes!” One of the most memorable song intros ever.

4. Boyz II Men — “I’ll Make Love to You”

When it gets to the end and Wanya shows off a vocal range that sounds like heaven. Damn, them boys are good.

5. TLC — “Red Light Special”

R.I.P. Left Eye. TLC always held it down for the women.

6. Usher — “Nice and Slow”

If you still do not know what time Usher was in his drop top, cruisin’ the street, then you are way behind on your knowledge of love songs. But, that’s why you’re reading this list right?

7. Joe — “All the Things (Your Man Won’t Do)”

If you’re a savage and don’t mind playing the side role for cuffing season, this is the song for you.

8. 112 feat. Lil’ Zane — “Anywhere”

Just in case you run out of a list of places to do your thing, 112 reminds you that any place is viable for some good love making.

9. Tyrese — “Signs of Love Makin’”

Tyrese dedicated a whole verse of this song to Scorpios so if your bae is a Scorpio, do not hesitate to throw this one on.

10. The-Dream — “Falsetto”

“Ooo, Ooo, Ooo / Ahh, Ahh, Ahh.” It’s self-explanatory.

11. Chris Brown —- “Wet the Bed”

If you do not yet know how the female anatomy works, Chris Brown provides us with a little lesson on what can occur.

12. Trey Songz — “Dive in”

Don’t be timid, dive headfirst.

13. Ciara — “Body Party”

I would bet all the money in the world that Ciara wishes that she could remove Future from this video.

14. PARTYNEXTDOOR — “Wus Good / Curious”

During cuffing season, it is imperative to know where you all stand exactly. Are you all friends? Is this only going to last for the time? In those moments, you just have to turn to your partner and ask, “Wus good?”

15. PARTYNEXTDOOR — “Kehlani’s Freestyle”

Two PARTYNEXTDOOR songs back to back because PARTYNEXTDOOR has some of the best R&B music of this current generation. Fight me.

16. Bryson Tiller - “Overtime”

Although it is not a single of his album, Trapsoul, “Overtime” is one of the most underrated songs off of the album. Again, this song is reserved for the savages who steal other people’s significant others with little to no remorse.

17. Kehlani feat. Chance The Rapper — “The Way”

Quite possibly the song that made Kehlani popular, “The Way” will have you in your feelings. No wonder she had Kyrie Irving and PARTNEXTDOOR so love struck.

18. The Internet feat. KAYTRANADA — “Girl”

Syd’s voice on “Girl” is so mesmerizing. If you’re really trying to make that girl your girlfriend, you might have to throw this on in the background as you take that leap.

19. BJ the Chicago Kid feat. Chance The Rapper and Buddy — “Church”

Even the most holy people fall short of His grace. It’s okay.

20. Chance The Rapper feat. Justin Bieber and Towkio — Juke Jam

Chance The Rapper created a classic song that will surely be some people’s wedding song. And the maturation in Justin Bieber’s voice sounds amazing.

Always keep in mind the wise words of Lil’ Wayne, “Safe sex is great sex.” Have a happy cuffing season.