Spider-Man Takes an Improv Class...From Wayne Brady


Whose Line is it Anyway improviser and Let’s Make a Deal host Wayne Brady is now officially part of the Marvel Universe. He just taught our Neighborhood Millennial Spider-Man how to do improv.

In the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man Annual, Brady and Let’s Make a Deal co-host Jonathan Mangum wrote a story about Spider-Man signing on to take an improv class after being humiliated from his lack of clever one-liners. What results is basically what you get when you put Spider-Man in the middle of Ira Glass’ indie film Don’t Think Twice. It’s weird, but kind of adorable.

Brady and Mangum teach Spidey everything he needs to know about improvising, including always saying “Yes, And-“ and working as a team. Spider-Man chows down on meatloaf and pretends to be a weed whacker, all in the name of making sure his jokes land as well as his punches. After just one evening of instruction, Brady has given Peter Parker the tools he needs to master the art of improv, and the web-slinging hero uses his newfound skills while stopping a nearby bank heist.


Brady, a comic book fan himself, said it made sense to have Spidey take an improv class because Parker needs to keep his skills honed in what Brady called a “comic-jaded” world. That’s something we’re seeing reflected in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America: Civil War’s Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is younger, quirkier and definitely sillier, and we’re expecting to see the same light-heartedness in the upcoming Spider-Man solo flick as well. It’s encouraging, because that was somewhat lacking in the previous Spider-Man films, which took on a darker edge.

Brady added that he’d like to tackle Guardians of the Galazy next, although it might be hard to get Groot to participate in a rendition of “Hoedown.”

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