Chewbacca Is So Excited It's Wookiee Life Day


Chewbacca is really stoked because today marks the traditional Kashyyyk holiday Life Day. And he’s not the only one. Wookiees all over the galaxy will be charting a course back to Kashyyyk to on their home planet to spend the day with their families.

On November 17, 1978, Chewbacca and Han Solo visited Kashyyyk in the Star Wars Holiday Special, marking the first mention of the planet in the Star Wars universe. Since then, November 17 has marked Life Day here on Earth.

Life Day, like several end-of-the-year Earth holidays, is a time for family. On Kashyyyk, gifts are exchanged and Wookiees typically come together for the festival at the Tree of Life. And though Wookiees are spread out across the outer reaches of their galaxy, making it home to spend time with their families for life day is a top priority. Though Life Day began as a holiday celebrated on Kashyyyk, it eventually made its way off-world and has been celebrated on a number of planets in systems throughout the galaxy

There are aspects of the Life Day celebration we might recognize, such as gift-giving, fireworks, trees and lights, but there are other aspects that may seem a bit strange to those not born on Kashyyyk. For instance, a major part of the holiday is donning red robes and chewing on orga roots, which allow Wookiees to commune with the Tree of Life.

We may be a long way from Kashyyyk today, but no matter where you are in the galaxy, today’s a great day to join Wookiees in celebrating the renewal life. You’ll be in pretty good company, too, thanks to Peter Mayhew. Happy Life Day!

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