The Most Creative Ways to Defeat Enemies in ‘Dishonored 2’

Creativity is key to your success as a master assassin.

In Dishonored 2, you can combine tons of different supernatural abilities and pieces of equipment for crazy outcomes. Many take a hefty amount of ability upgrades and ammunition to pull off, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to become the supernatural assassin badass you’ve always wanted to be.

Here’s a few of our favorites and how to pull them off.

Self-Assassination (Corvo Attano)

Available to you if playing as Corvo Attano, the self-assassination combination is one of the most effective and simple ones you can try out. For it, you’ll have to purchase both Bend Time and Possession for a total of nine Runes. You’ll then want to pick up all the Bend Time upgrades for an additional nine Runes, and the Human Possession upgrade for Possession for four Runes.

The game is simple: Engage in open combat with a target and pull back a short distance so they pull out their pistol to shoot at you (if they have access to one). When they do, use Bend Time to completely stop the flow of time and Possession to take control of the target. Then, walk them around and position them straight in front of their own bullet before restoring the flow of time. Once you’ve had enough practice you can do this to multiple enemies by positioning them in front of each other’s attacks or own bullets, just be sure to watch how much time you have left.

Doppelgänger Domino (Emily Kaldwin)

This combination is available if you’re playing as Emily Kaldwin, and is a bit shocking at first, but I suppose that’s just because you’ll be continuously killing a clone of yourself to bring down enemies. To pull this off, you’ll need to purchase Domino and Doppelgänger for a total of eight Runes. To maximize its effectiveness, you should also drop another six Runes into both upgrades for Domino that allow you to link four targets instead of the standard two.

The Doppelgänger Domino requires a bit of planning and can be used both lethally and non-lethally. Simply locate a pack of enemies you want to take care of and use Domino to link three of them together, which causes all of them to share the same fate. Instead of linking a fourth target, however, use Doppelgänger to summon a shade of yourself and link that shade to the remaining three with Domino. Then, just kill or knock out your clone to finish off the rest without having to leave the safety of your hiding spot.

Bloodfly Blanket (Emily Kaldwin)

Like the Doppelgänger Domino, this combination is designed to take out large groups of enemy targets quickly, but can only be used lethally due to the nature of the upgrades. This time, you’ll purchase Domino and Shadow Walk for four Runes each. Then, you’ll want to upgrade Domino completely for six Runes and snag every enhancement upgrade for Shadow Kill for an additional seven Runes.

The idea with this combination is to spread as many bloodflies around the map as possible. Since they can be killed by guards without larger numbers, we’re going to chain together the effects of Bloodfly Swarm and Shadow Walk with Domino. Here, use Domino to link four targets together that cover a large area. Once you’ve linked them all, use Shadow Walk to get into the area and kill one of them, turning them into a swarm of bloodflies that will attack all nearby targets. This effect will then chain to the targets you used Domino on, creating a massive swarm that will clear the entire area and get larger every time it kills an enemy.

Explosive Delivery (Corvo Attano)

Explosive Delivery is a combination of abilities that many players seem to shy away from when using Corvo as their character, but when used in combat can lead to some pretty brutal combat scenarios. The idea is to use his Bend Time ability to line up the perfect shot, then finish things off with a Blink Assault kick, or Windblast, with deadly results. You’ll have to pick up Bend Time again for this one, along with Windblast, for a total of nine Runes. As far as upgrades are concerned, you’ll want to snag Greater Windblast or Blink Assault, Stop Time, and Lasting Bend Time.

With Explosive Delivery, the goal is to eliminate a large group of enemies quickly using one of their own, strapped with a few Springrazor traps. Head into a room and look for a target that you can punt into a larger group of enemies with the right angle, then head up to them and use Bend Time to stop the passage of time around you. Now, throw a few Springrazor traps onto their torso and take a step back before using Windblast or Blink Assault to send them flying into their comrades and shred them with shrapnel. This combo takes a lot of practice to pull off due to the way Springrazor traps trigger, but when you manage to make it happen, it’s a sight to behold.

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