French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet is Earth’s New Orbital Heartthrob


Three astronauts are going up into space later this week aboard a Soyuz launch from Kazakhstan. Among the new crew is ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, a young 38-year old Frenchman who will spending his first ever stint aboard the International Space Station. Pesquet, already the youngest member of the European Astronaut Corps, will also be the youngest astronaut on the space station during his six months in orbit.

And already he’s laid down the ingredients that will probably cement his status as a bonafide heartthrob. Among Pesquet’s repertoire of unique skills and experiences:

  • he’s a black belt in judo
  • plays basketball and squash
  • participates in a ton of outdoor activities, including mountain biking, surfing, sailing, skiing, and mountaineering
  • plays the saxophone
  • has a background in aerospace engineering and spacecraft design
  • flies planes
  • is going into space, obviously

A quick perusal through his Instagram feed is proof positive the young space cowboy is sure to become a social media sensation.

I think it’s safe to say Pesquet’s account could give Scott Kelly’s a run for its money.

Pesquet will be going up into space during the wee hours of November 18. NASA TV will broadcast the launch live, if you’re interested in watching.

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