A 'Legend of Zelda' Escape Room Is Coming in 2017

"Hey! Listen! Hey!"


Nintendo’s fantasy adventure franchise The Legend of Zelda is coming to life as an escape room game in 2017. In a partnership announced Wednesday morning, Nintendo and escape room innovators SCRAP have created Defenders of the Tri-Force, a multi-city escape room game traversing the continental U.S. next year.

In escape room games, such as SCRAP’s Real Escape Game, players are locked in a room and are tasked with solving puzzles to literally escape within a time limit. Defenders of the Tri-Force will use that concept but incorporate elements of the Zelda universe: In teams of six, players will “solve a mystery in a huge area” while interacting with “classic items” and characters like the Goron, Zora, and Kokiri tribes. When players find items, they’ll use them to solve puzzles and move on, mimicking the experience of The Legend of Zelda games in real life.

Although not mentioned in the press release, the teaser posters hint at Link’s arch-nemesis Ganondorf’s involvement in the game.

Defenders of the Tri-Force will start its nationwide tour in 2017, beginning with three cities in California before ending in New York (dates TBD). The announced tour schedule is below.

  • San Francisco, CA: January 31 to February 5
  • Los Angeles, CA: February 10 to February 12
  • San Diego, CA: February 24 to February 25
  • The dates for Seattle (WA), Phoenix (AZ), Houston (TX), Chicago (IL), and New York (NY) are yet to be announced.

Poster for 'Defenders of the Tri-Force' from Nintendo and SCRAP.

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