Meet The Newest Lead In 'Hawkeye', Kate Bishop

On Friday, Marvel released preview art depicting Kate Bishop, the female marksman in the Young Avengers, as the lead in Hawkeye #1. Written by A-Force’s Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Doctor Strange’s Leonardo Romero, the series will follow Bishop in California, as she works as a private investigator and, presumably, shoot things at impressively far distances.

Bishop is actually the third character to take on the Hawkeye title, and Clint Barton was the second, coming in behind the original Wyatt McDonald. McDonald’s Hawkeye originated as Marvel’s analogue to DC’s Green Arrow, Gotham’s curmudgeon archer vigilante.

Bishop occupies an interesting place in Marvel’s ethos, as she stands at the crossroads of many smaller worlds. Before joining the Young Avengers, she was viciously attacked in Central Park, and has only described his assault to her therapist and Jessica Jones. She doesn’t have Clint’s military background, and isn’t necessarily a champion for the “little guy,” as she was raised among extreme wealth, and became disillusioned with her father’s brutal personality as a teenage girl.

Ultimately, what Bishop shares with Barton is the pursuit of justice and her skills with a bow, though their backgrounds are dissimilar, and her solo comic has her working in California.

Hawkeye #1 will hit comic book stores December 14.

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