Captain Kirk Finds Strength in Being a Buffoon in 'Star Trek'

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He may be one of the Federation’s most famous captains, but Captain Kirk is basically a huge buffoon. It’s okay, though — that fallibility is what makes him good at what he does. He certainly didn’t get where he was by doing everything right.

In a recent interview with NME, Chris Pine provided some insight into Kirk’s character, pointing to his ability to be equal parts hero and fool as one of the key pillars that makes James T. Kirk the character so many love.

“I like that he can be a buffoon. He’s one of those guys that thinks they know it all, is kinda badass and then he lets it slip,” said Pine. “It’s why I always thought Harrison Ford was so great — he’s such a badass but doesn’t mind being made a fool of. Kirk is very fallible. He has no superpowers.”

Captain Kirk is a good leader, but he isn’t perfect. He’s not without mistakes or bad calls. He’s not guaranteed to find the perfect solution every time. He’s sometimes confronted with indecision, bad calls, and gullibility. But those are the things that make him the right leader for the USS Enterprise. If he were perfect, he wouldn’t have to rely on the expertise of those who surround him on the bridge and on the ship. Teamwork has always been key to Star Trek, and perhaps that begins with Captain Kirks buffoon-like tendencies.

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Pine also shared his affinity for Frank Sinatra, and when questioned about which Sinatra he’d sing in the shower, he replied with, “Speaking as Kirk … It’s gotta be “Fly Me To The Moon,” right?”

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