The Best 'Skyrim' Mods for Console Players

When plain-old 'Skyrim' just isn't enough

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Skyrim: Special Edition brings a prettier Skyrim to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but many people are hyped about the fact that console players can now use mods to change up their games. While mods are somewhat limited on console, there’s still a good range to choose from. Let’s take a look at a few of the best.

Carry all of the things

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Ring of Increased Carry Weight (PS4 and Xbox One)

You’ll never be overburdened again with this mod. It adds a ring with 1,000 extra carry weight, and a second with 1,000,000 carry weight. You can purchase the rings for 200 GP from Belethor’s General Goods in Whiterun.

Falskaar offers a host of new adventures. 

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Falskaar (Xbox One)

This mod adds an entirely new land mass and questline for you to explore. It’s all fully voice acted and features new spells, a new shout, and about 30 hours of new content. It’s a beautiful display of modder creativity.

Turn your neighbor into a goat. 

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Phenderix Magic Evolved (PS4 and Xbox One)

The Phenderix Magic Evolved mod adds 370 new spells to your spellbooks. There’s a plethora of new elemental spells, and you’ll be able to summon any creature you may have encountered in Skyrim. It offers new ways to use spells, too. You can turn enemies into helpless animals, or send them on a journey through space and time.

Swords of power

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Power Greatswords (Xbox One)

Folks love a good treasure hunt, and that’s exactly what you’re getting in the Power Greatswords mod. The mod places four two-handed great swords into the world for you to find (although the modder does give you a few clues). The swords all have custom textures and glow in the dark for great effect.

The Forgotten City is a worthwhile 'Skyrim' expansion

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The Forgotten City (Xbox One)

The Forgotten City’s brand new six- to to seven-hour story sees adventurers solving a murder mystery in a city deep beneath the earth. It’s fully voiced and boasts an original soundtrack. On top of that, the story is non-linear, forcing you to even travel through time and navigate the twists and turns of moral dilemma. It’s an impressive feat in modding, to be sure.

Stomp out all of those bugs

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Unofficial Skyrim: Special Edition Patch (Xbox One)

Skyrim might have gotten an overhaul, but that doesn’t mean the game is free of flaws. This patch helps to solve that by fixing all bugs not caught by Bethesda’s developers. The mod is frequently updated, and they even provide a changelog so you can track which bugs have been fixed.

What're ya sellin'? 

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Rich Merchants of Skyrim: Special Edition (PS4 and Xbox One)

This mod fixes a simple, but often highly annoying problem players experience in the game — broke merchants. It’s pretty frustrating when you’re trying to sell off the sweet treasure you’ve just uncovered, only to find that most of the merchants in town can’t even afford to take it off your hands. The Rich Merchants mod solves that by increasing merchants’ gold counts to 10,000.

Go take a hike, lazy-pants. 

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Just Walk: No Fast Travel (PS4 and Xbox One)

If you’re serious about immersion in your Skyrim games, look no further than the Just Walk mod which, well, forces you to walk everywhere rather than resort to Fast Travel. It blocks fast travel messages and disables fast travel options for most of the base game. If you’re looking to explore, there’s no better mod than this one right here.

Who's a good boy? 

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Invincible Dogs of Skyrim (PS4 and Xbox One)

Modder Micahghost made this as a memorial for his own late husky pup. It makes sure that your dog companions can’t be killed, and introduces a number of new types of dogs for you to befriend. We think that’s mighty nice.

Choose a new origin story. 

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Alternate Start: Live Another Life (Xbox One)

You’ve probably played through Skryim at least twice. If that’s the case, you might be sick of the opening hour of the game in which you’re a convict headed to the chopping block. Alternate Start gives you a few more options at the beginning of the game to make things a bit more interesting. The mod lets you skip Helgen altogether and choose from a number of different backgrounds that will ultimately affect your character’s story.

And now for a journey...

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