Spider-Man's Home Life Seems Difficult in 'Renew Your Vows'

Marvel Comics, Tyler Kirkham

Crime fighting is a family affair for Spider-Man in the brand new series, The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, where Parker is joined by both his wife Mary-Jane, and daughter Annie, when he goes off to fight evil. Evil such as a giant T-Rex running through New York.

Renew Your Vows takes place in an alternate dimension where Peter Parker happily settled down with Mary-Jane to start a family. But after events involving the supervillain Regent, Parker, Mary-Jane, and their daughter Annie, have formed a kind of superhero family team. Each of the members of course use some kind of spider-based powers, with Annie seemingly inheriting most of her father’s abilities, as well as penchant for getting into trouble.

The three of them even manage to find time to work together to stop dinosaurs and Mole Men, despite Peter and Mary-Jane both working full-time jobs, as well as raising a young, superpowered daughter.

Underground dinosaurs

Ryan Stegman

The story is a nice contrast to the main Amazing Spider-Man continuity, where Parker is currently dealing with the fallout of a vast Clone Conspiracy involving all of Parker’s deceased loved ones.

Renew Your Vows gives a good look at Parker’s life if he pursued a more domestic role, including elaborating how he takes his own photos as Spider-Man to support his family (a drone), as well as raises some questions about how much he actually contributes to the family finances, given that he only earns a grand for pictures of Spider-Man. Hopefully the Parkers are putting away enough savings into Annie’s college fund.


Ryan Stegman

Fans have been finding the new Marvel series a breath of fresh air, as the story puts on an emphasis on positivity, love, togetherness, and all sorts of other warm feelings.

With the addition of a mini, 5-page story from Anthony Holden which is downright Calvin and Hobbes-esque, Renew Your Vows might be the most adorable Spider-Man story currently in stores.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows is available right now in comic book stores and digital retailers.

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