New 'Rogue One' Mon Mothma Photo Inspires a Rebellion

A new photo of Mon Mothma in Rogue One just got released, and it’s inspiring as hell. The stately leader of the Rebel Alliance (and also that lady who talked about dead Bothans in Return of the Jedi) is set to have more screen time in Rogue One, because behind the scenes, she’s actually one of the most vital members of the Star Wars universe.

Even though we haven’t seen her in the main films that much, Mon Mothma has been around since Luke and Leia were a twinkle in young Anakin’s eye. She was the youngest person to enter the Galactic Senate and served through the Clone Wars all the way up to the dissolution of the Senate at the hands of the Empire. As Palpatine grew in power, she was sowing seeds of rebellion, and when the Empire took over she became one of the founding members of the Rebellion. She was even Princess Leia’s political tutor, training her to become a key part of the Senate and, later, the Rebel Alliance.

We do see Mon Mothma in select scenes of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones with Amidala and Organa. However, her role was heavily expanded in the animated series The Clone Wars, as well as the latest novel series, Star Wars: Aftermath, where we see her take over as the first chancellor of the New Republic Senate. It’ll be exciting to see her role grow in Rogue One, where we can get a better look at how she transitioned from rebellious senator to a full-on Rebel.

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