How to Pick a Combat Rig in 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare'

Your rig is going to be your best friend in multiplayer. 

Nicholas Bashore

Your Combat Rig is going to become one of your best friends on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s battlefield, protecting you from damage and giving you access to a few abilities that help you keep momentum in the organized chaos of multiplayer. There are six different rigs to choose from with each featuring a distinct set of both payloads and traits which can be customized to best suit your personal style of play. Figuring out which one to pick is important.

Payloads are active abilities which you earn by staying alive and eliminating enemies, while traits are passive bonuses that provide what can best be described as an additional perk to your character. You’ll be able to equip one of both to take into battle. Each rig has the capacity to turn the tide if used at the appropriate time too, meaning that picking the best one for you is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in Infinite Warfare, and we’re here to help.

Warfighter Rig

The Warfighter Rig is one of the three options you’ll have access to right when you boot up multiplayer. As such, it’s one of the most well-rounded rigs of the lot, providing a set of offensive and utility-based abilities that you can use to support a mixed playstyle. Payloads like the Claw allow you to demolish rooms of enemies holding down objectives while traits like Resupply keep you equipped with a hefty amount of tactical explosives.

From our experience, the Warfighter Rig is best used if you prefer to engage enemies at medium range while supporting your teammates working to control objectives or hold the front line. Combinations like the Seeker Grenades and Resupply are great ways to manage areas of the map. Just keep it mind that you won’t always be able to win battles up close against SMGs or shotguns.

Merc Rig

Unlike the Warfighter Rig, the Merc Rig is designed to hold down the front line or rush into an objective like a gigantic bull. This rig helps you remain on the battlefield without dying for longer amounts of time or push an objective with payloads like the Steel Dragon for eliminating multiple enemies quickly and Bull Charge for rushing through a fortified enemy position. Traits like Shock Wave and Infusion further increase your ability to control areas too, providing area-of-effect damage and faster health regeneration.

Because of the damage resistance and health regeneration bonuses it can provide, the Merc Rig is perfect for players who want to constantly engage multiple groups of enemies while focusing on objectives. The Steel Dragon is an excellent tool for taking out multiple enemies in a matter of seconds too, provided you can keep the ability charged with regular eliminations.

Synaptic Rig

One of the more interesting rigs offered in Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer, the Synaptic Rig allows you to remotely connect with a C6 Class operated robot in combat. Built for speed and engaging enemies in close quarters, the Synaptic Rig has payloads like the Equalizer and Reaper for eliminating large groups of enemy players from behind while traits like Combat Burst keep you moving faster so long as you keep eliminating enemy players.

The Synaptic Rig is honestly one of the best ones available in Infinite Warfare because of the numerous small maps present in the game’s base rotation. If utilized properly, players can run circles around the map and continuously kill enemies with weapon classes like SMGs or shotguns — keeping their scorestreaks charged and their payload abilities ready for action.


Built like the Synaptic Rig, the FTL Rig is unlocked at level 15 and geared towards a fast-paced approach to combat situations. Instead of having access to a few different offensive payloads though, the FTL Rig allows players to avoid damage while navigating the environment to take down enemy players. Payloads like the FTL Jump and Phase Shift may not cause direct damage to other players, but they do give you access to a crazy amount of maneuverability unmatched by any other rig in multiplayer.

If playing more like a skilled assassin on the battlefield is your thing, the FTL Rig is a match made in heaven. While great when paired with longer ranged weaponry, this beauty is best used up close or in medium range where payloads like the FTL Jump and Phase Shift allow you to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard or escape when things get a little too hairy. Traits like Perception further increase the FTL’s ability to remain undetected by showing you when enemies are looking at you from behind, allowing you to activate payloads to escape or engage.

Stryker Rig

The Stryker Rig may be a little further down the unlock tree, but it’s worth the wait if you’re a fan of holding down objectives in multiplayer modes like Domination or Capture the Flag. It’s designed to be a designated support system, with payloads like Micro Turret and Centurion which friendly players can take advantage of. Traits like Hardened further boost this rig from a defensive standpoint too, allowing placed equipment to persist when you die.

Specifically, if you’re playing any type of objective-based mode in Infinite Warfare with your friends, you’ll want to have at least one Stryker on your team. This rig is great for setting up shop on specific locations within a map and fortifying them with turrets or defenses courtesy of the Micro Turret and Centurion payloads. Thanks to Hardened, you can even retain these fortifications through death, allowing your teammates to continue using them if you fall.

Phantom Rig

Every Call of Duty title has supported those who prefer a dedicated sniper specialization, giving players access to abilities that help them scope down targets from long distance or engage in medium-range battles with quick scoping. If you’re a fan of either, you’ll probably want to consider getting the Phantom Rig, but it’s unfortunately not unlocked until level 36. Many of Phantom’s traits don’t do too much, but it makes up for it with excellent payloads.

Honestly, the Phantom Rig is one best used without a sniper rifle as your main weapon too, namely because one of the payloads gives you access to the Ballista EM3: A massive sniper rifle that pins enemies to walls. You’ll also have access to payloads like Active Camo, which allow you to turn invisible for a brief period to avoid enemy detection. This makes it invaluable for single-life modes like Search and Destroy, where outwitting enemy players is paramount.

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