'Wonder Woman' Set to Her Original '70s Music Is Funky AF


Wonder Woman is timeless. Decades after her birth, she’s still wearing red, white, and blue, she’s still kicking ass, and she’s still fighting for the same ideas. The only thing that’s really changed with Wonder Woman, and, really, with every other superhero, is her tone.

Combining 1975’s Wonder Woman theme with content from the newly released Wonder Woman trailer makes the new film a little less goosebumps-inducing and a hell of a lot more funky. While it sometimes seems like the ‘70s weren’t that long ago, this combo by Sebastian Hughes on YouTube really makes us rethink how significant 40 years really is.

The vibe in this fan vid is all wrong. It’s great fun to put the new footage together with the song, but, wow, Wonder Woman’s demeanor has changed. Whereas the upcoming Wonder Woman film — which is set for release June 2017 — looks to be filled with grit, wit, and unashamed, flash-bomb violence, the 1975 Wonder Woman TV show featured mostly twirl-moves and camp.

It was lighthearted. For those more familiar with the kitschy Batman TV shows of the same era, think along those exact same lines. As Diana Prince, Linda Carter would twirl to change into her hero alter-ego, Wonder Woman, a suggestion from Carter herself. Her costume was exactly what you would expect from the ‘70s: made of satin and just flimsy enough to be totally unbelievable in the best way possible.

The theme song — which is what was overlaid on the new movie’s footage — says it all: “In your satin tights / fighting for your rights / and the old red, white, and blue / Make a hawk a dove / Stop a war with love / Make a liar tell the truth!”

In the Wonder Woman show, details were glanced over — such as Diana’s touting of Democratic ideals while she herself was the heir to a matriarchy — and a massive, 35-year time jump was made in between the first and second seasons, which was made possible by Diana’s slow-to-age Amazonian genes. Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor, was lost in the process and died of old age.

Okay, so … maybe the two aren’t that different? The tone has certainly changed, but the character of Wonder Woman has, ultimately, remained the same since she first graced us with her presence in 1941.

Wonder Woman will be in theaters June 2, 2017.

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