The 6 Biggest Takeaways From the New 'Wonder Woman' Trailer

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The new trailer for DC’s Wonder Woman debuts a host of new scenes and story elements regarding war, Diana’s Amazonian origins, and the film’s timeline. The interconnected shots all surge to a crescendo under Diana’s theme song from Batman v Superman. While there are plenty of individual elements to speculate about, here are the six most important details we pulled from the new trailer.

World War I

While previous trailers have shown off Diana fighting in the trenches, the new trailer reveals that the World War I setting will completely dominate Diana’s first introduction to the wider world. Not a great first introduction, considering World War I was one of the most brutal, depressing, and destructive conflicts in human history. To make matters worse, WWI ends without a clear sense of “victory”, with each of the participants heading back to their home countries only with the notion that they survived a senseless massacre. How will Diana’s time during one of the darkest in human history affect her worldview and perception of human society?

Wonder Woman’s Powers

The trailer also gives the clearest look at a wide range of Diana’s powers. Her swordsmanship and acrobatics were on display in earlier trailers, as well as Batman v Superman, but her superhuman feats (cliff diving, long-jumping, etc) and speed were all showcased in the latest trailer. In addition, we see Diana using several of her famous trademarks like her bracelets to deflect bullets and using her lasso to throw down enemy soldiers from great heights.

Elena Anaya in Wonder Woman 2017

Warner Bros, DC Entertainment

Trouble in Themyscira

Soldiers definitely invade Themyscira and engage in a battle with the Amazons. How? The scene reveals that the invasion takes place pre-armor Wonder Woman, so it must be around the time Steve Trevor crashes on the island. However, is it the invasion or Diana’s natural sense of justice that leads her to leave the island? Also, will the Amazons want revenge for the invasion?


However, despite getting actual lines and more screen time, we still don’t know the identities of the clearly villainous European operatives played by Danny Huston and Elena Anaya, but the new trailer gives some clearer motives for the two characters. The masked character played by Anaya in particular can be seen during the testing of some new kind of chemical weapon that destroys gas masks. She could be a scientist or engineer working on some of the many new technological advancements in wartime weapons that were created during WWI. It might also explain how she ended up wearing the prosthetic face piece, perhaps caused by an accident during weapon development.


It’s interesting to note that the trailer begins in present time, with Wonder Woman passing through the Louvre museum in France. It’s unclear if the film takes place before or after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but if the film is told through an extended flashback, it could lead to some interesting moments in the film, opening the possibility of some present day DC characters to make a cameo.

Etta Candy

Etta Candy is a British lady who’s willing to “engage in fisticuffs” if the occasion calls for it. This line is a direct reference to Etta’s personality in the original Wonder Woman comics: She was a human woman obsessed with candy who helped Diana out on more than one occasion with her brute strength. How many Central Power soldiers will she murder with her bare hands in the film? We’ll have to wait and see. For now, the trailer teams Etta and Wonder Woman together as Diana tries to figure out how dresses work.

Watch the full, second Wonder Woman trailer below. The film hits theaters in summer 2017.

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