Amazon Echo Makes Billy the Big Mouth Bass Way Creepier


Remember the weird singing fish that swept through Wal-Marts and novelty shops in 2000? Well, it just got a whole lot creepier. A developer name Brian Kane recently hacked his Amazon Echo device, allowing Alexa’s voice to speak through the wall-mounted fish.

It’s not entirely clear how he did it, but we can thank Amazon for this robotic terror. Following the April release of the Amazon Dot, the company opened up Alexa’s API to developers, allowing them to transplant the smart assistant into other devices.

Kane shared his creepy new creation via a Facebook video, which shows the robotic fish responding to Alexa’s commands and then telling Kane about the local weather.

Christmas is right around the corner, so why not turn an annoying singing fish (or any other device for that matter) into something a bit more practical?

For those of you with iPhones, don’t fret. A similar API is also available for Siri. However, you’d have to give-up the wall-mounted fish and settle for a virtual big mouth bass through a special iOS app.

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