The Iron Bank of Braavos Will Collect Its Debt in GoT Season 7


Cersei Lannister, the vicious matriarch of House Lannister, is now the Queen of Westeros. But her road to the Iron Throne hasn’t been cheap, and her debts are piling up.

Between Jon Snow becoming King in the North and Daenerys Targaryen traveling back to Westeros at last, Cersei already has several formidable adversaries looking to confront her in Season 7, but a new development suggests that her fall could come from an unexpected source: Tycho Nestoris and the Iron Bank of Braavos. That’s right, Queen Cersei could be slain by bureaucracy.

Iron Bank rep Tycho Nestoris, played by Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss, is a firm, refreshingly no-bullshit character that we haven’t seen since Mace Tyrell (RIP) paid him a visit in Season 5. But Gatiss has been spotted on the Season 7 set.

The Iron Bank in Braavos is esentially the Gringotts of Westeros: the most powerful financial institution in the known land. As Tywin Lannister once admitted, the Crown is in the Iron Bank’s debt. And just as the Lannisters have their motto “A Lannister always pays his debts,” the Iron Bank has its own: “The Iron Bank will have its due.”

Even Stannis, at his peak reasonable phase, was cooly shot down by Tycho Nestoris.

So what does it mean for Cersei that he’s returned for Season 7, presumably to collect that debt?

It means Cersei could very well be felled not by dragonfire or sword or an emotional death at Jaime’s hands, but by the cold and unglamorous power of bureaucracy.