'Star Trek: Discovery' Could Feature a Second Starship


The crew of the USS Discovery may not be the only crew we’ll encounter in Star Trek: Discovery. In fact, the main cast may include another entire crew … of Klingons … in the throes of the pre-original series Klingon/Federation conflict.

On the heels of the news that Bryan Fuller will no longer be serving as the showrunner for Star Trek: Discovery, reports surfaced that the cast would include a male Klingon captain.

As MoviePilot points out, the news of a Klingon captain is big. Star Trek: Discovery takes place ten years prior to the events of the original series. It was a time when Klingons and the Federation were very much at odds, and knowing that the show is going to explore the stories of more than a single crew, we’ll be seeing much more than a single Klingon. In fact, we might even see an entirely new starship and crew for the Klingon newcomer.

What kind of role might this Klingon captain play? How will the conflict between Klingons and the Federation shape the dynamics between this captain and the Federation crew of the USS Discovery? Are these characters at odds, or is this Klingon captain sided with the Federation and heading up a clandestine peace-keeping mission on behalf of the Federation? Who knows, we might even get a few more Klingon dinner parties.

We’re almost definitely going to feel some degree of tension and conflict between the Klingon character(s) and the crew of the USS Discovery, but if this captain is going to be a major player, the opportunity to reframe a race that’s had a complicated history in the Star Trek universe is enticing and feels like a natural fit for a series that seems poised to push the already forward-thinking Star Trek franchise in an even more progressive direction. Might we even come to love beings who, particularly in the early days of Star Trek, have often appeared in an antagonistic context?

Star Trek: Discovery takes to the stars on CBS in 2017.

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