Fan-Cut 'Logan' Trailer Completes Wolverine’s Entire Story

Screen Rant

The mutant Logan will be making his final appearance next spring after 16 years of screaming in a bathtub, adamantium, and sideburns. At least, this will be the last appearance in this current iteration. There’s no telling what will happen with the character next, and we’re not sure how Logan will end for Hugh Jackman in March. But a fan-cut trailer taking inspiration from the recently released, official iteration for Logan is a tribute to Wolverine’s past rather than his future.

Logan will mark Jackman’s last run as Wolverine. The role, which he embarked upon 16 years ago, shot Jackman to stardom and graced us with a series of films that have ranged from iconic to … something a little bit less.

But this fan-cut of the Logan trailer has gotten us feeling nostalgic about Jackman’s role for over a decade as the upcoming film’s titular character. Featuring footage from every X-Men movie (minus his brief, single f-bomb cameo in First Class), the fan-cut stays true to the vibe of the original trailer, mixing the powerful nostalgia of Wolverine clips past with the newer shots of Old Man Logan, Professor X, and the newly introduced Laura.

If anything, the fan-cut is a reminder of how truly significant this character has been in popular media for 16 years. We’ll lose Jackman as Wolverine in March, and that’s an interesting — possibly sobering — thought. The future of the X-Men franchise and its decidedly complicated timeline (thanks to the back-and-forth of the First Class-verse films) is currently in question. But Jackman’s memory certainly isn’t.

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