Deadpool Fans Who Love 'John Wick' Are Gonna Lose Their Minds

20th Century Fox

Update: As of Monday, November 21, David Leitch has been confirmed as director of Deadpool 2.

Director Tim Miller has left Deadpool 2, and rumors are now flying that 20th Century Fox is considering John Wick director David Leitch to take his place. This is fantastic news to the large cross-section of fans who adore both Deadpool and the mercenary in John Wick, played to perfection by Keanu Reeves.

Fox has not confirmed if it’s found a replacement for Miller, who officially left production this week, but that Leitch is being floated indicates a solid direction for the sequel to 2016’s breakout superhero.

Pre-production of Deadpool 2 has been plagued with creative differences between director Tim Miller, who wanted a more expensive and stylish film, and lead star Ryan Reynolds and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who favored the first movie’s mid-budget style. The conservative approach helped Deadpool profit in its $780 million worldwide gross. (There was also stuff about Cable that caused the rift.)

Although Leitch isn’t a comedic director, John Wick is a solid model for Marvel’s Merc with the Mouth to emulate. Leitch is a former stuntman who wowed moviegoers in John Wick with slick choreography that relied on classic Hong Kong techniques instead of CGI and camera trickery.

If there was one mediocre aspect to Deadpool, it was the action, which looked cartoon-y for a character whose abilities are assassination and close-quarters combat. Leitch can help improve this aspect on the franchise, while Reynolds and the screenwriters can surely bring in the punchlines.

Deadpool 2 does not have a formal release date.