Terry Joins the Jokerz In 'Batman Beyond' Rebirth Comic

DC Comics, Bernard Chang

The Batman Beyond timeline has gone seriously haywire. Not only have the Jokerz gang members taken over a whole neighborhood, they’ve also found the original Joker’s body and are planning to resurrect him. Out of desperation to stop the plot, Terry McGinnis has jointed the Jokerz as an undercover agent.

Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 begins with very little preamble. Terry’s friends and family attempt to survive in the terrible future, and the Jokerz manage to kidnap Terry’s girlfriend Dana. That plot, on top of the plan to resurrect the OG Joker, has Terry’s life in shambles.

To make matters worse, the Batman suit gets shredded in an absolutely brutal confrontation with the Jokerz gang, leaving Terry without a strong arsenal against looming threats.

It’s unclear where exactly Bruce Wayne is in the Rebirth series, but if not, this may be the first time Terry, working as Batman Beyond, has found himself alone with the Joker.

Batman Beyond began as a critically acclaimed animated series where Terry McGinnis inherits the Batman mantle from a visibly aged Bruce Wayne. The series has been praised for its striking visuals, and bold, futuristic concept.

Terry’s plan to enter an undercover operation with the Jokerz without any of his Batman tools seems decidedly dangerous, especially since he won’t have advice from Bruce Wayne. It’s an interesting twist, but the sheer amount of danger casts doubt on whether or not Terry will even manage to succeed with this gamble.

However this goes down, it’s clear that Batman Beyond is ready to put Terry through the grinder for his Rebirth series.

While it’s unclear whether or not Batman Beyond will be adapted beyond the comics and television series, it would be interesting to see parts of the story, namely a version of Gotham set in the far-off future, play out in the DC Extended Universe.

Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 is available now, from comic book stores and digital retailers.

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