Lady Gaga Is the Original Supreme on 'American Horror Story'

'American Horror Story' has begun to collapse in on itself, so what does this mean?

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American Horror Story: Coven introduced us to the “Supreme,” the all-powerful leader of a witch coven. While the latest season of the series has kept us guessing from the very beginning, they’ve solved one mystery for us: Lady Gaga’s Scáthach is the original Supreme.

Coven led us to believe that the first Supreme emerged during the Salem Witch Trials in time with the first coven, and was a woman named Prudence Mather. The Salem witches supposedly gained their abilities from Tituba, a slave girl with Voodoo magic. Or, rather, that was the only history the writers gave us at the time. We were led to believe that Prudence was the first Supreme and that the witches of Salem in 1692 were the first to possess magic.

But AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy recently revealed to The Huffington Post the first Supreme in coven history is none other than Scáthach, Lady Gaga’s forest nymph/demon-witch mystery woman. A later season will supposedly be returning with Scáthach to explore the history of witchcraft in America, so we can certainly look forward to seeing more of her in the future. That means more creeping around the forest, more blindly seducing friendly neighborhood homeowners, and more ritual sacrifice.

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But, this revelation — that Scáthach is the original Supreme — leads us to a lot of questions, the most important one being: What does Scáthach want?

The version of her we’ve seen in Roanoke until this point is obviously an “actress” playing Scáthach. So far, since “Chapter 6” of Roanoke took us beyond the in-universe television show and showed us the “reality” of the actors, we’ve heard nothing about Scáthach’s actress.

We got to hear from the Butcher/Tomasin White’s “actress,” Agnes Mary Winstead (played by Kathy Bates), and found out that Agnes’s role as the Butcher was so intense and so immersive that Agnes went mad. She became convinced she was the Butcher. Now, we’re not sure if Agnes had a preexisting condition that could have leant to this, or if it was simply the role itself. The “actors” playing the characters on My Roanoke Nightmare spent a significant amount of time at the Roanoke Farmhouse. You can’t tell us there weren’t some bleeding-over effects simply from being on that cursed land for so long.

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So, we return to the “actress” who played Scáthach. What happened to her? Clearly, it’s nothing as dramatic as what befell Agnes. Perhaps Scáthach’s actress had zero issues after her role ended. Good for her!

But, what of the real Scáthach? As far as we can tell, she’s still lurking around in the woods, waiting to seduce Matt, and manipulating the Butcher. Cricket revealed to us — and the audience of My Roanoke Nightmare — that Scáthach is “the bitch with the real power.” We can’t imagine that the spirit/ghost/whatever of the original Supreme is one to let things go so easily. Or, rather, to let potential victims go so easily. Blood needs to consecrate the land. The old gods needs to be satiated, etc.

The Butcher and her followers will clearly be haunting (um, hunting) Shelby, Matt, Lee, Audrey, Dominic, and Monet over the course of the remainder of this season. Evan Peters’s Rory is (sadly) a goner at the hands of the “murder” nurses, and it’s been promised that only one of the six remaining characters will come out alive.

That means the person either escapes through some dramatic, gut-wrenching means, or is allowed to escape. Scáthach (and her puppet, the Butcher) aren’t easily duped. We know through the dramatic reenactment of My Roanoke Nightmare the only reason Shelby, Matt, and Flora escaped is because Lee showed up at the very last second to get them the hell out of there.

For now, our prediction for the escapee is — drum roll — Shelby.

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There’s a pretty popular fan theory that Shelby is a witch. There’s quite a bit of evidence mostly having to do with Shelby accidentally using the Vitalum Vitalis spell — previously seen on Coven — to trade her unborn baby’s life for her husband’s. As soon as Shelby touched Matt’s hand and really hoped and prayed for him to recover, he did. Then, blood immediately starting streaming down Shelby’s legs as her body aborted the baby.

If Scáthach — who we still haven’t seen “IRL” outside of My Roanoke Nightmare — is the original Supreme, there’s no way she’s going to let one of her own be sacrificed in the end, right?


We expect to get a look at the “real” Scáthach. We expect her to maybe even allow one of the remaining six to escape, if Shelby really is a witch. From what we know of Scáthach so far, all she really wants is to influence people into commiting acts of unspeakable chaos in order to build her power and to sleep with random, mortal men.

We’ve been told by Murphy himself that we’ll see more of Scáthach in the future — though Season 7 has already been reserved for the backstories of Freak Show characters. So, we’ll have to at least wait a couple more years to actually learn anything about this seemingly all-important character. Perhaps she’ll play a large part in Murphy’s promises that everything in AHS is secretly connected.

Until then, be on the lookout for American Horror Story: Roanoke on Wednesdays to find out who Scáthach and the Butcher will allow to live.

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