How Battlepacks Work in ‘Battlefield 1’

Things are a bit different in the new game.

Nicholas Bashore

Battlefield 1 has seen both the return and the evolution of a great many game mechanics standard to the franchise, such as the Battlepack system. Previously, these packs were earned by playing the game and available for purchase, unlocking a series of weapon attachments, experience boosts, and visual customization options for your characters or weapons. In BF1, however, they’ve changed for the better.

This time around Battlepacks can only be earned by playing the game and are no longer available through purchase, which means you’ll have to participate in plenty of matches to collect all the rewards available. At the end of every match you play, you’ll see the awards screen displayed that showcases the scoreboard, your individual performance, and a few other details. Here, you’ll also see the Battlepack drop occur, which rewards players with a Battlepack for their performance on the battlefield during the match.

Nicholas Bashore

These Battlepacks include a weapon skin every time, which come in three different rarities: Special, Distinguished, and Legendary. You may receive a bonus item too, such as an experience boost or a puzzle piece for a melee weapon. If you end up collecting all the puzzle pieces for a melee weapon, you can assemble it and use it in the game.

Every Battlepack you earn in Battlefield 1 is set as the “standard Battlepack,” which pulls from a list of items currently available through the Battlepack rewards system. These can include anything from a basic weapon skin all the way up to a Legendary quality skin — it just depends on what you end up pulling.

If you end up pulling the same weapon skin twice, Battlefield 1 allows you to trade the weapon skin in for some Scraps. This in-game currency can then be used to buy new Battlepacks for another shot at gaining a few weapon skins you’re currently interested in. Scraps specifically can be used to purchase two additional types of Battlepacks: Enhanced and Superior.

Nicholas Bashore

These modified versions of the standard Battlepack have a much higher chance of dropping a rare weapon skin, experience boost, or a puzzle piece for a melee weapon. Unlike the standard Battlepack, they are guaranteed to drop a weapon skin of a specific rarity level: Enhanced for Distinguished and Superior for Legendary.

You’ll also notice that each Battlepack, regardless of quality, tells you what Revision items it contains within. These Revisions are essentially DICE’s way of rotating the items available in Battlepacks for Battlefield 1 players, meaning that each new revision they release for Battlepacks will add to the pool of available weapon skins, puzzle pieces, and experience boosts available.

While we dont know how often these Revisions are set to come out, it’s safe to assume you’ll see a new set every few weeks on Battlefield 1 that features new skins for different weapons. So if you don’t like any of those currently available? You should start saving those Scraps for Revision 2 when it drops later down the road.

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