Luke Skywalker Will Never Die If He Wears These Jeans

Rag and Bone

Becoming one with the Force allows Jedi a certain kind of near-immortality, but perhaps Luke Skywalker could cheat death in another way, simply by choosing to wear a certain pair of jeans.

Mark Hamill stars in a new advertisement campaign for rag & bone — a fashionable New York-based clothing line — and it’s proof-positive of his quiet confidence. In a very pointed video, Hamill looks slick as fuck, as though he really is the aged (and bearded) venerable Luke Skywalker walking among us. When did Mark Hamill become straight-up cool? Living in Han Solo’s coolness shadow for so long must have taken its toll on both Mark and his alter-ego Luke. Now that Han has passed on, it seems like Luke Skywalker (via Mark Hamill) is officially the coolest guy in the galaxy. Or maybe this is just very clever marketing to get us to buy some nice jeans.

“Celluloid heroes never really die,” Mark Hamill says with Jedi-like self awareness in the video, “It really gets me, because I’m not a real hero. I’m a celluloid hero. Mark Hamill does feel pain. Mark Hamill will die. But … Luke Skywalker … won’t.”

If Luke/Mark Hamill keeps being this smooth and talking like he is in touch with the Force, then he’s totally right. Luke Skywalker is gonna live forever.

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