First Look at the Reavers Wolverine Will Slice Up in 'Logan'


The third and final Wolverine film, Logan starring Hugh Jackman, revealed its primary villain in Donald Pierce (Narcos star Boyd Holbrook), but now his army of Reavers get a first-look reveal too.

Posted Tuesday afternoon on the verified Instagram page “wponx” (Weapon X), the same account where most other Logan reveals have been published, a lone Reaver is positioned with a scoped rifle resembling a Sig Sauer MCX Suppressed underneath some lush greenery. There is one accompanying caption that says it all: “Reaver.”

In the comics, Donald Pierce is a cyborg and high-ranking member of the Hellfire Club, an elite group made up of society’s most wealthy who not only wield influence around the world but also choose to fight the X-Men. (They were also the main antagonists of 2011’s X-Men: First Class, led by Kevin Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw.)

At Pierce’s side are the Reavers, once a gang of criminal cyborgs in Australia who were decimated in a battle with the X-Men. The last three survivors — Pretty Boy, Skullbuster, and Bonebreaker — team up with Pierce and Lady Deathstrike to begin a new team of Reavers. They were created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #229 back in 1988.

The new Reavers in Logan match up with the film’s grounded and “realistic noir” aesthetic, looking like hard-edged mercs instead of cartoonish cyborgs like in their original comic book appearances.

The Reavers in the original comic books.


The Reavers didn’t appear in Mark Millar’s original Old Man Logan, but they did in Lemire’s run this year in Old Man Logan #6. And yes, Bonebreaker is a half-man, half-tank. Who knows if director James Mangold will keep that part in his supposedly realistic and gritty film.

Bonebreaker, now half-tank, in Jeff Lemire's 'Old Man Logan' #6.


Logan releases in theaters March 3, 2017.

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