'Supergirl' Wastes 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' Reference 

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The panel of a devastated Superman clutching the dead body of Supergirl is one of the most iconic images in comic book history. The stakes in Crisis on Infinite Earths, a landmark storyline, had never been higher. So when Supergirl made an homage to the classic cover while promoting Monday night’s episode, it seemed like it was going to be a big deal.

It wasn’t.

The episode was a pretty good — Cadmus’s plan to take out the Supers with Metallo was good, corny fun, and the people close to Kara finally started to get annoyed at playing second fiddle to Superman. Still, though, the Crisis reference was totally overhyped.

It’s not like anyone was really expecting the main character of Supergirl to die two episodes into the show’s sophomore season, nor were we expecting a world-ending crisis, but some gravity would’ve been nice. Instead, Kara and Clark have their first run-in with a kryptonite-powered Metallo, who gives them quite a fight in the episode’s opening minutes.

After hiding behind an implausibly strong car while Metallo fired kryptonite blast after kryptonite blast at her, Kara finally took a hit. She was knocked out, and Superman was able to send the villain off running. Then, Superman took his unconscious cousin in his arms, posed just like the Crisis on Infinite Earths cover, and flew off.

She’s fine in the next scene, though. T’was just a close call.

She's fine!

Warner Bros. Television

In the comic, Supergirl died fighting the Anti-Monitor, a villain who threatened the entire multiverse. It was a truly tragic loss with the fate of all worlds on the line.

There’s a reason why the comics’ Superman is crying his eyes out, while the CW’s Superman looks like he’s upset that the guy in front of him in line just ordered the last chocolate croissant.

DC fans know that Crisis is a big deal. An homage to it should be worthy, at least, of a big Arrowverse crossover. So, even though this Crisis reference was a bit of a bust, chances are there might be another one coming.

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