This Fan-Made 'Power Rangers vs. Voltron' Battle is Epic AF


It’s the battle of a generation! The creators of the YouTube series Minute Mash-Ups, Ismahawk and Round Table Studios just pitted two of the most beloved and nostalgic intergalactic action teams against each other in an epic robot-on-robot brawl: It’s the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers of the ‘90s versus the Voltron Force who ruled the ‘80s.

Minute Mash-Ups has previously made videos for Green Arrow versus Hawkeye and the Flash versus Quicksilver. For Power Rangers versus the Voltron Paladins, it actually brought in a few quasi-famous live-action actors: Yoshua Sudarso, who plays Koda in Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge, switches allegiances to play Voltron’s leader Shiro. He’s backed up by YouTuber Greg Miller from GameOverGreggy as Hunk. On Team Power Rangers, WWE star Xavier Woods plays Zack the Black Ranger, a character he made an homage to early in his wrestling career.

The eight-minute video lovingly references all the silly tropes within Voltron: Defenders of the Universe and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The Rangers get the brunt of the jokes, though: Their team dynamic is sillier and cheesier than their Voltron rivals, who are a little more composed. Angel Grove bullies Bulk and Skull also appear as pedestrians (not played by original actors Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy, so don’t expect any fun cameos).

Both teams whip out as much artillery as possible, including their signature blades. Voltron Force utilizes the Blazing Sword and the Laser Whip (which comes from Vehicle Voltron), while the Megazord deals damage with the Power Sword and the Mastodon Shield. Unfortunately for the Power Rangers, Voltron wins.

Check out these GIFs of the short, directed by Danny Shepard, which you’ll no doubt be watching all day:

Minute Mash-Ups takes heavy influence from arcade fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom and Tekken.

The Rangers arrive, and so do the Voltron Paladins.

It’s morphin’ time!

Ready, Voltron Paladins! Activate interlock…

It’s Bulk and Skull, the bullies from Angel Grove High, witnessing history.

Let the battle begin!

It’s a brawl for all. But the real winners? Our childhoods.

Check out the short below.

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