Wolverine Smashes Through a Windshield in 'Logan' Storyboard

James Mangold, Gabriel Hardman

It’s safe to say that Logan will be the most hardcore X-Men film to date. All the preview stills from Instagram paint the film as a dark, atmospheric affair. Now a new storyboard still posted by director James Mangold and artist Gabriel Hardman further push the fact that Logan will make Wolverine the ultimate badass.

Director James Mangold, who helmed the sequel The Wolverine, posted two new storyboard stills from the upcoming film on his Twitter account this morning. They depict Logan jumping headlong directly into a speeding vehicle and straight up wrecking it: two clawed fists straight through the windshield wreckage.

The storyboards were drawn by comic book writer and artist Gabriel Hardman who created Kinski and Invisible Republic for Image Comics. In addition, he was the storyboard artist for films like Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Interstellar, so that’s pretty amazing. In fact, his involvement says a lot about the ambitions of the upcoming Wolverine film.

Deadpool might have made rated-R comic book movies fashionable, but no hero deserves the extra ratings bump from PG-13 more than Wolverine. His books have always been the more violent in Marvel’s staple, but in reality, Wolverine needs the violence because his history has always been dogged by it. If this movie is his final outing, then it’s only fair he should go out with a snikt.

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